March 21, 2012


As I've mentioned once or twice, I am super happy spring is here...the warmth, the sun...aaah!  But with all its glory also comes the knowledge that swimsuit season is right around the corner (and if our temperatures keep up like they have been, it may even be here sooner than usual!).  Every year, then, spring also means time for a little slim down...and this year, it means time for a MAJOR slim down!
ILuckily, my sister introduced me to a fantastic site full of recipes geared exactly to that purpose...Skinnytaste.  Have you all heard of it?  It's pretty awesome, especially if you're a Weight Watchers participant like me.  All the points values are listed, and you can even search by point values!  
Josh and I tried the Garlic and Lime Marinated Pork Chops last night and they were light and tasty just as promised (although I would add a little more lime juice to the marinade the next time around).  
Anybody else tried some recipes out from there?  Any recommendations?  Let me know if you find something yummy we should try.  

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