January 6, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Aside from a couple of random days, the temperatures here in Va. Beach have not even come close to winter! Trust me...I'm not complaining.  I despise winter, which may be why I also seem to have a hard time decorating the abode for the season.  But with Levi's arrival set for so close to the beginning of the year, I knew I had to quickly take down the holiday stuff and put up some more appropriate winter-themed decor unless we wanted to be staring at ornaments and Christmas trees into about March!
So, winter decorating I did!  As I already said, I loathe winter and really had a hard time coming up with any beauty of the season that I could draw upon.  But there is snow (obviously!) and then there is cozy, warm stuff...like fires and sweaters.  With that in mind, I went with a simple white and gray/silver color scheme (am I the only one who is really into gray these days?!?) and got to work (very minimal work I  might add...this was all accomplished just days before Levi's arrival) wrapping yarn balls, spray painting, and rolling some votives in Epsom salt.
In the end, this is our final mantle result (featuring some yarn balls, Epsom salt votives, and some candles, vases, etc. that I had lying around):

the Epsom salt votives...easiest project ever: mod podge votive, roll in salt, voila!

a close up of some of my yarn balls:
again, about as easy as it comes, wrap styrofoam balls in yarn , hot glue dot to seal at end
The living room got just a little bit more winterization with some spray painted gumballs and leftover vase fillers:

 And the last of our decorating took us to the front door where I used my yarn balls (and a few clearance ornaments) to quickly craft a wreath.  Admittedly, I should have wrapped the styrofoam wreath shape in ribbon or yarn or fabric first, but I was in such a self-imposed hurry to get this guy done that I went straight to hot gluing the stuff on!  It works, but it could be prettier...

That's it!  While it certainly is not as extensive as some of my other seasonal decor schemes, I am satisfied with the little bit of pizzazz it brings.  Plus, it was kind of a busy time for us, so I think I deserve to cut myself some slack!  
What do you all think?  Any fun winter decorating ideas?

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