January 19, 2012

Colton v. Levi

Levi has been a living, breathing member of our family for 2 weeks now (!).  Over those 2 weeks, I have found myself obsessing over the similarities and differences between our two boys.  Fortunately, I have a separate blog that I have written from the day Colton was born because as much as I swore I would remember every detail of Colton's earliest days, it is amazing how much of it is foggy to me.
In that vein, I thought it would be interesting to do a little formal comparison of the two boys at this point (2 weeks old).  Obviously, I recognize this is probably only interesting to me (and maybe a handful of other family members), so I apologize in advance...
First off, looks: I personally think the two boys look similar, but other people disagree.  Colton had more hair and also had an angel's kiss (little red mark) on his eye.  Colton had been breached as well, so his legs were still in a semi-frog  position at 2-weeks.   Levi's face is a bit rounder than Colton's (I think), but other than that...well, you be the judge:
Levi: about 1 week old

Colton: about 1 week old
And while we're on an appearance kick, I would be remiss not to mention a couple other things I am sure each of my boys will absolutely hate me for in a few years for publishing.  Colton had what is termed an incomplete circumcision...it was meant to be complete, but I guess enough skin was not cut.  I had no idea it was an issue (I mean, I had never seen a newborn weenie before) until we went to the doctor...now looking at Levi's very complete circumcision, I realize how drastic the difference is.  (***In case you're worried, we had to take Colton to a urologist at about 4 months old, and she assured us the problem will fix itself by the time he's about 4!).  And since we embarrassed Colton, I guess we should do the same to Levi.  Yep, Levi officially has man boobs.  The pediatrician informed me it is actually really common because the newborns are exposed to pregnancy hormones while they're in there, but geez...it totally freaked me out when I felt the little lumps.  To freak me out even more (I guess), our pediatrician was kind enough to show me that Levi's man boobs even produce milk and squeezed a bit out of them to prove it.  No worries...this too is supposed to work itself out!
OK now on to personality...
Levi is awake much more than Colton was.  I remember Colton sleeping pretty much the entire day.  Levi already spends hours (as in 4 this morning!) awake.  
Similarly, Colton would fall asleep as soon as he was in any type of moving object...a car, a shopping cart, the stroller.  Levi, on the other hand, is wide awake in these things.  Luckily, he seems to enjoy the stroller and shopping carts...taking in all the sights without making a peep (or even needing his paci!).  The car...well, that's another story...let's just say our car rides have gotten much louder!
And finally to carry on with the awake and alert theme, Levi notices sounds much more than Colton ever did.  In fact, I remember being very worried that Colton could even hear because he would often sleep right through Chipper's barking fits and other loud noises.  Levi, though, responds to even the slightest noises, particularly Josh and my voices, which is pretty cool.
One of the biggest differences between the two boys would be their affinity for boobies...more specifically, mine!  Colton had ZERO interest and we quickly had to abandon breastfeeding (in fairness, he wasn't a huge fan of the bottle either...eating was a struggle in general).  However, from the moment I formally met Levi, he immediately wanted to latch on...and has every 2-3 hours since!
Obviously due to the above, Levi is gaining weight much quicker than Colton and at 2 weeks, is more than half a pound bigger than his brother was at this point (despite being born over half a pound smaller!).
I'm sure as the weeks go by their similarities and differences will only become more apparent, and I will only become more obsessed with observing them.  Anyone else do this with your children?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!

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  1. This is very neat to read, and see, especially since I haven't met the new little guy to the family yet! So fun seeing the differences between the two!


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