November 16, 2011

Josh Does Decorating

Those of you who visit here often may have noticed that Josh, my hubby, rarely gets least when it comes to my home decor projects. There is good reason for that! Unlike some other online decorating duo powerhouses, namely those Youngsters, Josh does not share my affection for decor, DIY, and the like. Before you feel sorry for me, let me assure you that his lack of passion usually works to my advantage. Basically, I have free reign to do what I please. Sure, there are some projects Josh doesn't love, but for the most part I think he's usually pretty impressed with my outcomes, content to have them in the house, and proud to claim them as "ours"...right, babe?
With this peaceful arrangement in place, you can imagine my shock (and frustration) when my hubby does decide to get involved! Why shock and frustration you ask? Well, look at his latest decorating contribution: 
also note his baseball bat stored in the corner...that's in case we have an intruder !

Notice how nothing about it fits in our current bedroom...not the colors, and especially not the martini...who has a martini picture in their bedroom?!?!
 We bought that back when we lived in the townhouse and had a martini theme of sorts working in our dining room/bar area. It was the first actual piece of art we bought (and actually still may be our only!), and at the time it's whopping $250 price tag was a pretty big deal. But since we moved to the house a couple years ago, it just has not fit with our decor. It has found a couple temporary homes, but in the end, it just gets moved back to the shed or some other junk yard of our house. I personally have no qualms about garage selling or Goodwilling this guy one day, but not Josh. It's not that he has some fondness for this print or something...he just doesn't like to "waste" things. I get it and all, but sometimes we outgrow things, right? 

And sadly (for my husband), I think we may have outgrown the martini picture. In fact, it stayed on the wall just long enough for me to snap a picture to share with you all, and then was taken down and returned to storage where it best belongs! On a positive note, its brief presence on the wall did prove to me that we definitely need some artwork flanking our bedroom window....hmmm, let the brainstorming begin!

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