February 17, 2011

Little Man Updates

Colton's first birthday is just over a month away (half eeek, half yipppy).  I am starting to get so excited (ok, who am I kidding, I have been excited since before Colton even appeared in the world) about his party.  Invitations have officially been designed and ordered.  I couldn't resist the cut out mustache and decided to go with the Etsy invitation (if you want to see my original three choices, click here).  Jennifer was quick to respond, met each and every request I had, and designed a super, super cute invitation. 

I needed an insert to explain our time capsule.  I figured I could just do that part myself, and while it's certainly not nearly as pretty as my invitation, it does the trick:
My original hesitation with the Etsy invitation was worries about getting it printed, but my brilliant cousin passed along some really helpful advice to me, which I will now share with you:)  Basically, I used the site winkflash.com.  There, you can order basic 5 x7 photo cards that have no background or even border.  Then, all I had to do was upload each of these (separately, obviously) and pay to print them from the site.  For one, they will come out looking much more professional than using a home printer.  Plus, it saves me the ink AND I get the right-sized envelopes with them instead of having to go on a search.  Brilliant, huh?!?

But that is not the only birthday party progress I made this week.  I also ordered Colton's official party onesie.  Ever since we picked the little man theme, I knew a tie onesie would make the perfect outfit.   I had considered attempting  to make one myself, but I have zero sewing skills and worried my final product would make that obvious.  Luckily, I found this shop on Etsy, and promptly ordered Colton a onesie with a green pattern tie and his name written in navy blue. 

How cute is that?  I can't wait for it to get here!  Now, the next major issue (note slight sarcasm).  Colton's birthday is March 26th, meaning the weather in Virginia Beach could be anywhere from 40ish to 70ish...seriously.  While the above shirt is long sleeve, Colton's version is short sleeve.  So...I found this A.DOR.A.BLE blazer at the Children's Place. 
Plus, it goes perfectly with our Little Man Theme, right? Or is it too much?  Do help please:)

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