January 13, 2011

Bourbon Street, Here We Come

Awhile ago, I mentioned that Josh and I would be going on a trip to commemorate my big 3-0 in March.  After much back-and-forth, we have decided:

(Like the title didn't give it away, huh?)
For the most part (as in everybody we talked to with the exception of one friend), people seemed to rave about New Orleans.  Having never been there, it is a city that I am eager to explore, get my drink on in, and be able to say I've been.  Being the OCDish type that I am, I seem to take as much almost as much pleasure in planning my trip as in actually being there.  Seeing as I've never been to the Big Easy, and I'm pretty sure some of you have, this is where I'm hoping you'll help me out:
1.  We need a hotel.  Josh and I enjoy staying in "cool" places (duh...we're pretty cool people).  We like luxury and amenities (ok, maybe we're just snotty).  Obviously, a good location is key, although I have read that being in the heart of Bourbon Street is probably not in our best interest (I mean, we're not in our 20s anymore...sadly).  I want to stay in the place that is THE place to stay in.  We have considered the Hotel Monteleone and the W. Suggestions?
2.  We need restaurants.  I. LOVE. TO. EAT.  So when out of town, I love to eat even more.  I already know we need to get a beignet from Cafe Du Monde, but what else?  Josh loves a good steakhouse, and I, well, I can pretty much enjoy anything!!!  Again, looking for things that are quintessential N'Orleans and overall just good food and atmosphere, both casual and finer. 
3.  We need stuff to do.  Trust me, I am sure we will partake in our fair share of drinking (this is our first trip sans baboo after all), but what else can we not miss? 

I really appreciate any help you all can give. 


  1. Sounds like fun! Drew and I stayed at the Monteleone when we went. It was a nice hotel but the rooms are tiny and it was in just an "ok" spot. While it was really nice I wouln't say it was "the" place to stay. If you want to do a fancy dinner one night I suggest the Commanders Palace!

  2. I have Cafe Du Monde totes & cups; but never have been * my in-laws hit New Orleans once a year & is so on my list visit ~ enjoy planning ... am totally on the same OCD train ;)

    cheers from ur newest stalker ~ happy weekend *



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