November 3, 2010

Mirror, Mirror...

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend I scored a fantastic $44 floor-length wood mirror at...hold your breath....Wal-Mart (shock, dismay!). Anyhow, the only problem with this beauty was that it only came in black. Actually, I should rephrase that...not problem, obstacle, because one can of white paint, some painter's tape, and a few hours later I now have a sparkling white floor-length beauty. For those of you who have never painted a mirror frame before, let me tell you it has to be one of the easiest projects to undertake.

All it takes is some covering up of the actual mirror. I used painter's tape and magazine pages (only because we are losers who don't subscribe to the newspaper):

Next, you quickly sand down the mirror...just enough to scuff it up a little bit:

Then apply as many coats as necessary to the wood frame. To go from black to white, I needed four coats. This is a picture after the first:

I also finished mine off with a coat of Poly, just to protect it for longer. After letting it dry overnight, I peeled off the tape and had this:

I decided to paint this mirror white to contrast with the dark woods we currently have in our bedroom and compliment the headboard, curtains to come, and lighter accesories that are already there. But the cool and exciting thing about painting mirrors is that you can make them ANY color you want, like this one I transformed from boring dark wood to my favorite apple green back in March when we moved in the house:

So, there it is, my first successful home project in quite some time...consider my long maternity leave finally concluded! What do you all think?

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