October 1, 2010

The Circle of Life...

Last Sunday, Josh and I were busy completing our weekend routines. For me, that meant I had just washed all of Colton and my dirty clothes from the past week and put them away as clean clothes (laundry baskets empty), I had made lists of everything the family needed to eat for the week and had hit the grocery store to purchase the appropriate items (refrigerator and pantry full), I had hit Target for our weekly essentials as well as anything I would need for school for the week, I had filled up my gas tank for the week, and I had planned out our meals, my outfits, and anything else that could be planned for the week.
As I lamented the fact that in just one week the laundry baskets would again be full, the refrigerator and pantry would again be entry, and my whole weekly routine would need to be repeated, and repeated again every week for the rest of my life (or at least as long as I work), Josh reminded me of his weekend routine: golf, beer, and football...no prepping, no planning, no stocking up or emptying out. You see, Josh has the exact opposite mentality on these kind of things as I do. Josh does his laundry (yes, we do ours seperate...that's a whole other story) when all three of his baskets are overflowing and he is down to nothing to wear. Literally, Josh stops at the grocery store every night to get something. Josh doesn't take stock of what toiletries he needs; he just goes to the store when he is out of something.
So, of course, this brought on the debate in our house of who's way is the "right way?" I admit mine is a little OCD, but it certainly keeps our house a lot more orderly and sane. So, what do you all think? How does your household handle these life chores and tasks? Are you a planner/organizer like me or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type like Josh? Do you envy the other way of life, or are you content with yours? Please share...

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