October 28, 2010

Beginnings of a Guest Room

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I am finally ready to begin tackling a real guest room (that will be combined with a play room of sorts for baby boy). For a long time, I have been itching to do a black and white room, with pops of bright colors, namely yellow, for accessories. Well...this is finally my chance for that room! The walls are already painted a gray (not blah gray, pretty gray), so the next step is start putting in those black and white pieces and picking up some fun, bright accessories. Right now, I'm thinking of keeping the guest room part of the room mainly black, white, and yellow, and then incorporating more fun, bright colors in the playroom part. Thus far (and note this is very preliminary), this is what I have:

So what do you all think? Good start? Are you a black and white fan too? Or is it way overdone? Do tell...

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  1. I've seen that bed spread before...I like it a lot ...and again for other pops of color you can go to TJ MAxx...the new IKEA book is out too! I've always like the red, black and white them also....


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