September 21, 2010

Costume Condruum

There have been tons of parenting highlights in the (almost) 6 months we have been blessed to have baby Colton. However, with Halloween quickly approaching, I am beyond excited that I get to purchase one of those adorable baby costumes and subject my poor baboo to wearing the thing somewhere. The problem is I only get one chance to put my baby boy in his first costume, and I really don't want to mess it up. Most of the infant choices out there are animals: dogs, lions, monkeys, you name it...every animal in the kingdom, and if you haven't noticed by now, I tend to sway on the other side of tradition and normal; I want baby boy to be "cool." In that vein, I have discovered a few possible choices:

At first, I was slightly partial to the hot dog (especially because Chipper has a hot dog costume as well that his grandmother purchaseed from a garage sale), but I am beginning to rethink it. In fact, I am beginning to rethink the whole packaged-costume thing in general and leaning towards something a little more authentic, maybe like this (of course, Josh would have to participate):

So...what do you all think? I'm telling you...this is a huge decision!


  1. That is so josh!!! The hangover is su funny and the way to go I think!!
    I think I m going as Snookie or JWOW from the Jersey shore! Amy

  2. I like the hangover costume if you are going to a party, but for Colton's first halloween I feel like he needs an age appropriate costume. So my choice is still the hot dog with the tootsie roll in second place. But lets be real...he would look cute in anything he wore!!!!


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