September 22, 2010

12 Minute Gourmet

I really enjoy cooking, and up to this point, have taken great pride in providing Josh with a home-cooked meal nightly. I say up to this point because the reality of being a working mom with an infant to take care of, puppy to play with, and workout to squeeze in means that something has to give, and home-cooked, from scratch dinners it is. Josh suggested "freezer meals" as a quick and easy weeknight meal, and at first, I balked at that idea (I mean, seriously, those look about as appealing as the cafeteria food served at my school, and that's not saying much). But, then we discovered the PF Changs Freezer Meals, and as a very picky, self-described food snob, I can honestly say these are GOOD!!! I mean, look at the seriously looks gourmet.

The best part about these meals is the whole process takes just 12 minutes (that's in the skillet; you can also prepare them in the microwave, but even the bag recommends the skillet). Once in the skillet, you don't even have to do anything: just cover it and let it cook (I stirred ours a few times to make sure it wouldn't burn, but I don't know if you have to). Josh and I had the Beef with Broccoli, but there are 8 different kinds to try, and I am pretty sure that sometime over the next 170 days (that's how many days of school are left, but who's counting), we will try our fair share of them.
What do you all think? Anyone else tried these? Or other "frozen meals" for that matter, as it seems these will have to become a part of our weekly rotation?

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  1. I have had one (I think the ginger chicken) and it was fantastic. The only problem I have is the portions aren't that big if you are splitting or trying to save half for another day. But it does curb my PF Chang cravings.


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