November 5, 2015

Round 3

So it took me awhile to get this one right, but the good news is I now finally have a functional, pretty jewelry holder! I won't bore you with the failed attempts because...well, they failed! The good news, though, is I finally figured it out.
First thing I did was instead of searching out a pretty frame, I just went with one of the totally basic bulletin boards you can get at any craft store for about $7! And then I made sure to pick out a fabric that a. I really liked and b. actually matched our bathroom decor where this thing was actually going to hang. In addition to the fabric, I also picked out a coordinating ribbon for the edges mainly because I couldn't find a fabric I liked that incorporated the whole bathroom color scheme.
After spray painting the basic bulletin board frame white, using a little spray adhesive to stick the fabric to the board and hot gluing the ribbon to the edges, I had this:
Of course, it looked a lot better once my jewelry was hung on it:
And even better when hung with all my other bathroom decor.
In case you're wondering, the other ombre art is from Hobby Lobby and the other is a framed piece of paper from Paper Source (seriously, thank goodness VB has finally expanded its shopping options!). 
So there we have it! I must say I'm pretty pleased with the way the whole space has finally come together! Plus, it's a huge bonus that my jewelry actually stays put on my board and doesn't randomly fall off in the middle of the night, waking us up with a clank...and then Chipper's barks!

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