April 22, 2014


(bonus points if you can help me figure out where "tray-tastic" is from...it immediately popped in my head...as a variation of some Disney Junior song I believe...and now has been driving me crazy because I can't place it!  Amended: finally figured it out!  The original was "traintastic" in the Chuggington song...phew!)
It's funny how certain elements of your house seemingly go unnoticed.  Or maybe it's just me.  But take our living room tray for example.  I bought it eons ago, put it on the coffee table, and decorated it.  Despite the fact that I look at it many, many times throughout the day (it is in direct eyesight of the tv after all), I never really look at it.
Until I spotted a fresh, new tray at Target and immediately knew my old, outdated one had to go!  So I quickly ditched it, and in doing so, I also realized that many of the former tray's accessories were also blah!  Luckily I also spotted a really fun yellow mason-jar candle at Target.  And then I decided to try my hand at a little DIY terrarium of sorts.

My terrarium is probably not 100% legit.  I think it's supposed to have gravel and/or rocks on the bottom and again on the top, but I didn't have those things!  So I just put some soil in a container, added a few succulents, and called it a day!

And now my little coffee table centerpiece that I used to blissfully ignore is now worth of centerpiece placing!  I love having something fresh and alive in our living room...now, hopefully I can just keep up with it!

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