April 28, 2014

Old Friends are the Best Friends

I met my friend Claire in elementary school...4th grade to be exact.  We went to different middle schools, but then reunited again in high school.  We had the same group of good friends (about 5 of us girls).  At the time, I was probably technically closer to some of the other girls. But over the years and the trials and tribulations of friendships, Claire and I have always remained tight despite the fact that I have lost touch with pretty much all of the other girls (and she too).  She has been there for me whenever I needed it (and vice versa), she was a bridesmaid in my wedding (and vice versa), and now we are facing motherhood together.
Well, kind of!  Claire and her husband live in San Francisco, but luckily her mom is still here in VB, so we get to see them at least a couple of times a year when they come to visit.  And this trip was exceptionally exciting because since the last time we saw them, Claire and Jerry have welcomed two adorable baby girls into their family (in addition to their son, Waid, who is just 5 days younger than Levi!).
We had the whole family over for dinner and play time last night.  It was so nice to watch the boys become fast friends as Claire and I sat and chatted.
And then there was Levi and the babies.  My boy was totally in love, particularly with baby Elle whom he doted with kisses and attention all evening.  I've said it before and I'll probably say it a million more times: Levi can be such a pain in my rear, but the boy has the biggest heart on the planet and is such a lover!


As we all caught up, it dawned on us that five years ago, we had no children between us, but now there are five!
While Claire and Jerry are currently west coasters, they do have plans to make their way back to Virginia in coming years.  So who knows...maybe those five cuties will be able to celebrate two decades plus of friendship as well!

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