March 13, 2014

State of the Blog Address

Some of you regulars around here may have noticed a considerable decrease in my posting as of late. Since some of you have even taken the time to ask about it (ok, it was only my sister, but still...), I figured I would take a minute to explain.
When I first started blogging about 3.5 years ago, I had just left work to become a stay-at-home mom.  That decision was a really stressful one for me for a few reasons, but one of the main ones was I worried I would be bored without work in my life. To fill that work void, then, I began blogging. Not only did blogging provide me with the "job" of actually writing the posts, but it also forced me to keep up with house projects, recipes, etc, so that I would actually have something to write about. It always amazed me that for the 3.5 years I rarely even went a day without having something to write about...
Until recently! In an attempt to get our finances under control once and for all, Josh and I have introduced a new budget into our lives.  As part of that, I promised to cut back on our house projects, so I really haven't had house projects to blog about! On top of that, I have put myself on a pretty strict diet for the first couple months of 2014. As part of that diet, I gave up baking (because when I do, I tend to eat way too much of it!) which also means I haven't really had many recipes to blog about.  Obviously, I try some other recipes than just baking, but unfortunately, most of them have been fails thus far, so again...nothing to blog about!  I enjoy writing when I have something to write about, but with no real inspiration, blogging has become a chore.  I have never believed in posting just to post, so I have just taken to waiting to write when I actually have something to write about!
The other factor recently is my party planning business. With a party every weekend this month (!), most of my "free" time has been taken up with party business. By the time I've responded to emails, crafted, designed, and organized, any time I would have to blog , or attempt a project that would be blog-worthy, has been eaten up...or I'm just ready to take a minute to veg out!
So basically, blogging has taken a back seat.  I honestly don't know if it's temporary or something more long term. I'm thinking I'll just keep chugging along as I have been for the past few weeks: I'll post when I have something to post about, and if I don't, well, I won't!  Some weeks that may mean a post every day, and some weeks that may mean no posts!  So yeah we're living the crazy life over here with no rules!  Hang on for the ride, folks!

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  1. Those are all really GOOD reasons for less blog posts. :)


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