February 10, 2014

Easy Valentine's Grandparents Gift

My boys have gotten really embarrassing about holidays and gifts.  Each and every occasion, including other people's birthdays, is about what they are going to get from it.  When we picked out Valentines to give to their classes, Colton initially threw a fit because he wanted to keep all of them for himself.  On the way to any birthday party, all both boys talk about is the goody bag they will eventually receive.  And don't even get me started on Christmas and how they ripped through present after present, asking for more when they were finished (in fairness, they were fine when they realized there were no more, but still...).
I'm hoping this is purely a developmental thing, but I'm also trying really hard to teach them that occasions are about more than just them, gifts, and candy!  So we're starting with Valentine's Day.  I've repeatedly enforced that the real point of Valentine's Day is to tell and show those you care about just how much you care about them.  We've gone over and over those in their lives that are special, and not surprisingly Nene and Papa are generally near the top of the list.  So we decided to make them a little something special to show them the love.
I picked up some heart frames from Michaels for just $1 each and some red, white, and pink paints.  Once we got everything home, I instructed the boys to just use their fingerprints to dot the wooden part of the frame.

They had a really good time doing it and it was a pretty mess-free, easy, affordable project.  Plus, I love the way their personalities shine through in their frames.  Note: Colton's perfectly filled in, all red frame, while Levi's creation is a total random scattering of all three colors (the third one was a collaboration in case you're curious).

Obviously, we're going to add an adorable photo of the boys in the frame before we gift them.
And I think we may even combine them with a few of these cookie pops (which I'm also thinking we may give to the boys' teachers).
I don't know if this spirit of giving is really working (considering they're still most eager to check their mailboxes each morning), but I'm hoping if we keep at it, they'll start to get the point.  And hopefully, Nene and Papa (and a couple other special people) will love their presents!

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