February 27, 2014

Changes in the Bedroom

It struck me as I wrote the blog post title that it made the post seem much more exciting than it is! Have no fear, folks, this post is certainly not risque! It's actually quite a literal blog post title.  You see, it was just a week ago that I did our annual house tour photos.  Here was our bedroom then:
And now it looks like this:

In case you don't feel like playing the comparison game, the chair and mirror are both gone, and neither of them were really planned moves.
The chair had become Levi's climbing place. And after climbing up on it, he would frequently explore/destroy everything he could get his hands on.  Well, that happens to be where Josh stores his loose change, business cards, and other pocket junk that he doesn't want to throw away. And I guess one night he got sick of the fact that Levi was getting into the stuff.  Instead of cleaning it up and/or putting it away, he decided to get rid of the chair. 
At first, I was pretty annoyed because I kind of liked having the chair in there.  Plus, we really don't have anywhere in the house where it can go.  And honestly, Levi even outsmarted him the very next day by going to get a stool from the playroom to climb up on instead!  But then I kind of started liking the  less crowded feel, so I've gone with it.
Plus, it got Josh to clean up some cords that had been been hidden behind there since we moved in.  I didn't take a before picture (because I really didn't even know he was doing it!), but just picture a tangled mess of cords...most of which weren't even functional.  We just shoved them behind the chair, and let the one that we did need run freely all over our floor. But removing the chair meant removing the cords...and finally getting a handy cord hider for the one we actually need.

Just when I was settling into those changes, our mirror was suddenly gone as well. I really have no idea how it happened...I was going to the bathroom, Josh was washing dishes, and the boys were running through the house when all of a sudden we heard a loud crash followed by Colton announcing the mirror had fallen. Thank goodness neither of them were hurt, but it was a big mess! And our mirror most definitely was a goner!
So now I'm left with a blank canvas of a wall again. I'm definitely digging the decreased clutter over there, but it's just too bare.  And plus, I need a full-length mirror (it was our only one in the house).  So now I'm brainstorming less bulky ways to fill...or at least take up some of...the space.  Any suggestions?

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