January 14, 2014

Messy Monster Party: The Decor

As promised, I am back today with lots of details on Levi's Messy Monster Bash.  Today, we're going to focus on the part that took up most of my time and energy: the decorations!
When I first came up with the messy concept for Levi's second birthday bash, I began trying to come up with how I would decorate.  I immediately thought of a splatter paint background...and 6 months later (maybe a slight exaggeration, but I had been thinking about this party for a long time!) I finally created it.
In that shot, you'll also see one of my crown jewels of party decorating: Levi's balloon banner.  You may or may not be able to see the confetti inside the balloons (you probably can if you look closely), but it was done in the same oranges, yellows, greens, and blues of his party.  Against the backdrop, it really popped and looked the appropriate mix of mess and fun that I was going for!
In front of the backdrop was not only our cupcake bar (more on that later), but also the food table.  Since the backdrop was so busy, I decided to just do a simple black/white chevron pattern for the table covering.  I wanted to stick with black and white for the table because I had a lot of bright colored "monsters" to cover it and I knew the black and white would make them pop!
The monsters were really sponges from the Dollar Store (decorated with googly eyes and pipe cleaners) and yarn-wrapped vases.
And to finish off the room, I strung some very messy crepe streamers from each corner to the fan in the center.  My sister claimed the fan's light looked like a monster eye ball, but that was completely accidental!

The same "monsters" made an appearance on our mantle along with a fringe 2 and a engineer print of our messy boy!

Besides our dining room and living room, we also wanted to give the kitchen some decorating touches considering most of the party action was in there! I hung some monster lanterns throughout the room.
And there was also a little table set up in the kitchen for people to sit at and eat, so I went ahead and put a couple more yarn-wrapped vases with balloons on there.
Honestly, I kind of added the monster part to Levi's Messy party because I couldn't figure out how to decorate without them (and monsters are messy...and he likes monsters...), but I think they really added fun touches to the party! 
Want to see more of the party?  Have no fear!  I actually have a whole week of posts lined up for you, so check back tomorrow for details on the activities that made Levi's party such a messy blast! 

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