December 18, 2013

Teacher Gifts

Yep, it's that time of the year.  I'm sure you're as busy as I am trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  And for us this year, that list also includes the five teachers between my two boys (3 for Levi and 2 for Colton).
Luckily, I happen to be a bit of an expert on teacher's gifts.  Well, at least I used to be a teacher...which, in my world, makes me an expert.  So, on behalf of all the teachers out there, I am here to issue this PSA:
As much as it pains my crafty, DIY heart to say it, teachers don't want crafty, DIY stuff.  They want gift cards.  Plain and simple.  Any denomination, any location, but gift cards are always a sure thing when it comes to teachers.
So I bought the boys' teachers gift cards (to Target, of course).  But I just couldn't bring myself to just hand them a gift card.  I had to make them look a little pretty.  Enter mason jars, some gift tags, and shredded paper.

I also plan to attach a heartfelt note of appreciation and well wishes to Colton's teachers.  Levi's are great and all, but I am so, so happy with Colton's school experience this year. I've told them a few times already, but I plan to write it down this time.  Honestly, as much as I loved receiving gift cards, I think I may have loved getting the notes of genuine appreciation more.  I can still remember each and every one of them.  
So that's it.  No homemade goodies or anything, but I'm pretty sure they'll be a hit!


  1. THANK YOu for saying what all teachers are thinking--gift cards!!! We are all poor and we love and cherish any amount of gift card to any place. Love you idea for a crafty way to give a gift card :)

  2. All my kids teachers are getting a box of jelly bellies jelly beans and $10 gift cards to our big coffee chain in Buffalo (Tim Horton's). Food and gift cards? YES.


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