December 6, 2013

No Shame

It's amazing how much time I can waste sucked into Facebook.  Usually I am busy stalking checking out other people's pages, reading through past posts and checking out past pictures. And yes, some of these people I literally don't even know...just end up there from a friend of a friend  or something..amazing time sucker I tell you!  Please tell me I'm not the only one?!?
But the other day I took my Facebook patrolling somewhere new: to my own page.  Somehow I ended up looking back at my own old pictures and things.  I joined Facebook sometime close to when Josh and I got married.  Since then, I have updated my albums pretty regularly.  With about 6 years or so worth of pictures to comb through, then, I was left with some observations: some painful and some not so painful.  But hey, I'm an open book, so why not share them with you guys, right?  Enjoy a good laugh at my expense...
1.  French Maid Costume was a very bad idea...
2.  Josh and I have the same general pose in just about every picture ever taken of us...and we took a whole lot before we had children, but now rarely take one of just the two of us (btw: I could show you more, but I think you get the idea)
3.  Chipper was just about the cutest puppy EVER!
4.  I should never, ever, ever again wear a hat (this was taken at a Kentucky Derby party years ago...)
5. Chipper had a really good life before the boys came along.
6.  I gained a lot, a lot, a lot of weight when pregnant.  I knew this, of course, but for some reason, I convinced myself it wasn't visible on my face.  Um: wrong!
7.  My kids are freaking adorable (sorry I just had to!).
8.  I am a lucky, lucky girl...

Happy weekend:)

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