November 6, 2013

Trick or Treat

You knew these were coming, right?!?  Obviously, I have to share with you the pictures of the boys in their costumes from Halloween night.
This year, we went in a bit of a different direction in the costume department.  In the past, I have gotten to choose what the boys were going to be, and have DIYed something that fit.  Well, this year I was pretty sure Colton, at least, would be pretty insistent on what he wanted to be.  So I started asking him months ago.  And every time I asked him what he wanted to be it would change: a superhero (and then it would change for which one: Superman, Hulk, Ironman, etc.), a pirate, an Angry Bird, a skeleton, a dog (and Levi was supposed to be a cat), a monkey...and probably some others I can't even remember.  And as he rattled off the possibilities, it also became apparent to me that my DIY skills may not be able to give him the authentic costume of his dreams.  So I decided we should go with Plan B!  The boys and I took a little shopping trip one day to Party City, and I told them they could each pick out one costume.  After about 3 seconds, I had two superheroes with me.
Luckily, their choices made Chipper's costume pretty simple.  We just put a cape on him (that I had made for Colton for his costume day at camp this summer) and had a third hero.  Colton decided he was Captain America, so I guess it worked.
As for actual Halloween night, it became a real family affair this year.  My niece was joining us for her first Halloween.
And because all the kiddos were in one place in costume, my sister and parents came over for pictures and pre-trick-or-treating pizza.  

Honestly, Colton wanted nothing to do with it, though.  The boy was eager to get his trick-or-treat on!  Actually, both boys were, although I was pretty confident Levi really didn't fully get what he was about to get into!  He learned very quickly, though!  Following his big brother, both boys dashed from house to house, eagerly saying "trick or treat" (just "treat" for Levi actually), and collecting their candy.

And, of course, they were super eager to dig into their goodies at the end of the night...and over and over again over the next few days!

I'm pretty sure that come next year Levi will be on this Halloween bandwagon well in advance...just like his brother was this year!  

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