November 7, 2013

Thankful Tree

When coming up with our fall decor a couple months back, I stuck some sticks in vase on our console table and called it a day.

But once November hit, it was time for those sticks in a vase to become a bit more the form of our family's thankful tree.
To save myself some time later on, I cut out a bunch of 2-inch circles using the same glittered card stock I used on our fall mantle.  I also tried to explain to the boys (obviously, primarily Colton) the concept of being "grateful" for something...something you love, or are happy to have in your life, or are lucky to have, etc.
Then, each morning at breakfast I ask them what they are thankful for that day.  I write it down on one of the circles, tie it to the tree, and move on with the day.

I'm really surprised by how in to it Colton has gotten.  Instead of just telling me at breakfast like I intended, he will randomly come up to me a few times a day to tell me "thank you notes" he wants to add.  And so far, I actually think he's getting it.  He's been grateful for all his stuffed animals, mommy, daddy, Chipper, V (Levi), Nene, Big Papa and Small Papa (my dad and grand dad), superheroes, tv, iPad, Target (made me proud!)...and trash cans...not quite sure where that came from!  Meanwhile, the verdict is still out on Levi.  He hasn't participated very often (despite the fact that the boy is currently talking up a storm!), but when he has, he has been thankful for fruit snacks and Colton...both of which rank pretty highly in his world, so I'm guessing he got the concept!

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