November 8, 2013

5 Years Ago

don't know if it's really on topic, but I came across this and thought it was funny...
and oh, so true!!!

Daylight Savings Time ended this past weekend.  In our house, like most others with young children I assume, that simply meant our kids were up one hour earlier and we had one more hour during which to try to entertain them that Sunday.  Quite the contrast from our pre-children days when that extra hour meant the bars would stay open one hour later (as 2AM fell back to 1) and we could gloriously relish in our extra hour of sleep the next day.  Yep, times sure have changed.
In fact, I started thinking of how many ways and how drastically our lives have changed in the last five years...some due to having children, some due to technological advances, and some just because...and honestly I was kind of taken aback!  Our lives are barely anything like they were five years ago!
Five years ago, it was Josh, me and Chipper living in our 1200 square foot  townhouse.  Now it's us, Chipper, and two little boys living in our 2400 square foot house.
Five years ago, I was a teacher.  I would leave the house around 7 each morning and get home around 4:30 each afternoon (after a stop at the gym).  Now, I'm a stay at home mom.  I still work out daily, but that's about the only thing the same with my daily routine from five years ago.
Five years ago, I would take Chipper for a walk when I got home from work.  Now poor Chipper barely ever gets a walk...maybe once every few months (in fairness, he does have a much bigger yard to run and play in and two boys that give him plenty of exercise!).
Five years ago, I would often get bored as I waited for Josh to get home.  I would check the computer, watch tv...heck, I would even lay down or take a nap some days.  I would eagerly await Josh's arrival so I would have someone to talk to.  Now I would give anything to be bored...or to have the chance to take a nap!  I still eagerly await Josh getting home from work, but for very different reasons these days.
Five years ago, we had our regular shows we watched...and if one of them wasn't on, we'd rent a movie to watch for the night.  Now it is rare that we watch any tv (except "Modern Family"!  I still have some things that I DVR, but I watch them while the boys are napping and Josh is at work.  Instead of unwinding with tv time at night, we do it with iPads and laptops.
Speaking of, five years ago, I spent very little time on the computer.  I wasn't on Facebook yet, I wasn't blogging or reading blogs, Pinterest wasn't even around yet!  So, I would check my email (which I now do on my phone whenever I get one) and maybe look at a couple things, but that was it.  Heck, we didn't even have a laptop...just a desktop that was upstairs, so my time on it really was limited.  Now, I have my laptop on my lap whenever I get a little down time...and then there's the time I check Facebook, Pinterest, or something else on my phone!  My use of technology has probably skyrocketed over the last five years...and honestly I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing!
Five years ago, I would make dinner once or twice a week.  On the other nights, Josh and I would go out to eat...and maybe even some drinks.  Now, we generally eat dinner at home four nights a week.  We still go out to eat on weekends (mainly because I feel very strongly that we don't have to give that up just because we have children), but even that has changed...
Five years ago, Josh and I would generally have casual bar night on Fridays where we would take in some happy hour (usually at the same place: Wild Wing Cafe).  We would sit at the bar for as long as we wanted and get our drink and eat on.  On Saturdays, we would usually have a tamer date night with a nice dinner out.  We still generally go to Wild Wing on Friday nights...but we sit at the tables instead of the bar and are there an hour or so max!  On Saturdays, we still go out to dinner, but obviously not at some of the nicer places we used to be able to go to!
Five years ago, we spent our weekend days sleeping in, running errands, watching a lot of , and getting some work done around the house.  Now our weekends are spent attending birthday parties, ODU football games (they didn't have team five years ago!), taking the kids on outings, and waiting for nap time!
Five years ago, we rarely got out of bed before 10 AM on a weekend (we weren't sleeping that long, but would lay in bed and watch tv).  Now, we're out by 8:30 at the absolute latest.  And if we do try to watch tv in bed, we have two boys jumping off the headboard while we do so!
I could probably keep going, but I think you get the point.  Life is a lot of good ways, and in some ways that honestly I miss (like the laying in bed to watch tv on a Saturday morning!).  I'm sure the next five years will inevitably bring us even more changes, so I guess all we can do is hang on for the ride and see where life takes us!

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