November 15, 2013

Holiday Wish List

Ever since I posted the boys holiday wish lists last week, I have gotten tons of emails asking for mine.  Just kidding!  No one emailed (obviously!), but I figured I'd share it anyway!
Honestly, I'm no longer huge on the holidays.  Maybe, just maybe, I'm growing up!  But after having kids, I have found that my main excitement comes from watching them experience the holidays.  Plus, there's very little I need...or even want!
But my family members have asked for a list, and so a list I will provide.
1.  Nikon D3200.  I have used...and Sony Hybrid camera for about 3 years now, but I think I'm ready to upgrade to the big leagues!  I haven't done a ton of research, but this one seems to be a good introduction to DSLR's.  I am open to suggestions/advice, though, if anyone has any to offer!
2.  Family portrait from my little buffalo on Etsy.  I found these when searching for art for our new gallery wall, and now I have to have one!  Obviously, this isn't our family, but how cute, right?!?  And they're only $45 (plus a think a little more if we add Chipper!).
3.  Lamps (from Target).  Our living room lamps are in need of an upgrade, and so far, these are the primary candidate!  
4. Michael Kors watch.  I've been swooning over the rose gold one for a couple years now, but then saw the other one, and now I can't make up my mind as to which I like more!  So I've decided I'd be thrilled with either!!!
                               Michael Kors Rose Gold.    Michael Kors (yes please!)
Those are my big ticket items, but honestly I'd be just as happy with  new clothes and/or accessories...or even gift cards to get them (Loft, Bevello, Target, Nordstrom).  I have bought very little for myself this season (contrary to what Josh may believe), so I'd be thrilled to do a little wardrobe building! 
Oh, and as usual, if anyone wants to pass this along to Josh, I'd appreciate it:)

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