August 5, 2013

Six Years...

1290 days.
2 adorable KIDS.
1 DOG.
13 States Visited.
2 Islands Visited.

Yep, as of yesterday (August 4th), Josh and I have been married for 6 years (and even crazier: if you count our years of dating, we have been together for over 10!!!).  Our anniversaries are super sentimental to me and typically make me very reflective.  I look back at where we were when we met, and when we got married, and all that we have accomplished, and all the memories we have made....and I'm just really proud of who we are now as a couple and as parents!
Like most marriages (I think), ours is not perfect.  We have had struggles.  We have had fights. Shoot, we've even gone to bed without talking a couple times (something I swore I would never do!).  
But at the end of the day, Josh is still my very best friend in the whole world and my perfect partner in the adventure that is our life.  I am a better person with him than I would be by myself.    No matter what we may face, I have 100% confidence that I will not give up on him.  And he will not give up on me.  And that together, we will continue to do the very best that we can do for each other and our family.  
Even though there may have been tears some days, there have been far, far, far more smiles and laughs...thankfully!  So many good memories...some created just from our daily routines and others from some of those super significant moments in our lives as a family.  At the end of the day, those memories are my most prized possessions and the best gift I could ask for.  
This year, we celebrated in the way we do most years: by going out to dinner sans the kiddos.
Of course, there was some gift exchanging beforehand.  Last  year on our fifth anniversary, it dawned on me that a six pack would make a good gift for a 6th anniversary...right?!?  So I stored that idea for 365 days and presented Josh with a very special 6 pack!  On each bottle, I had recounted one of my favorite memories we have shared from the past six years.

He was really excited by the six pack and is even planning to keep each of the (empty) bottles!  He even asked me if this was something I got off of Pinterest and when I told him it was straight from my own brain, he was really impressed...yay me!
Oh, and I also got him the baseball package for the rest of the he can drink his beer while he watches!  And luckily, he got me a new iPad mini (I had dropped/shattered mine in the driveway about 6 months ago...maybe even more), so I will have something to entertain me while he watches baseball nightly for the next two months.

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