August 2, 2013

This is Me: Travel

As promised, I am knocking out one section of my self-imposed "This is Me" challenge each week until it's done.  So, let's do this ish, eh?!?
This week's topic: travel
Where in the world have you been?
I've at least driven through every state on the East Coast, with stays in: Ft. Lauderdale (multiple times), Miami, Orlando/Disney, Tampa, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks, Chapel Hill, a couple other small North Carolina cities, lots of places in Virginia including Richmond, Charlottesville, and Hot Springs, Washington DC, Baltimore, Rehobeth Beach, Pittsburgh, New York City, Rochester (actually sister-in-law's home town), Providence (RI), and Portland + a couple other small towns in Maine.
Beyond the East Coast, I've also done Austin, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Sedona, St. Louis, Cleveland, and New Orleans.
In the Caribbean, I've been to Nassau, Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, and Mexico (although I don't think that's technically Caribbean).  Oh, and soon, really soon, I will be able to add St. Maarten and St. Thomas to that list.
And finally, I've also done Paris, Venice, and Rome.
Where was your favorite vacation (as a child, teenager, and adult)?
We used to go to Florida to see my grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins every Spring Break when I was younger.  Most years we would drive approximate 20 hour trip door-to-door.  You would think I would dread it, but I used to love every second of it.  We would prep games, food, and other activities to pass the ride.  And when we got to Florida, it was warm and we got to go swimming, and play shuffle board (that was a big deal for us!), spend time with some of my favorite people, and eat junk food, and have a blast.  One year, we left for our return trip home and about 2 hours into it, my dad heard a weird noise coming from one of the rear tires.  We somehow got to some random gas station where they informed us that we needed some part that wouldn't be there for a few days.  I was so stoked!  Not only did we get to go back to my grandparents for a few more days (after spending a few hours at the gas station waiting on my grandfather to come get us!), but we also got to miss a few days of school.  Best. vacation. ever (at least when you're 10 or so).
I was technically 20 when I went to Europe, but we'll count that as my best trip of my teens.  Josh is not a big fan of travel, so I don't know if I'll ever get back over!  Luckily, I can at least say I've seen all that Paris, Rome, and Venice has to offer (and hopefully I'll talk him into seeing some one day!).
As an adult, I feel like I should say my best trip was my honeymoon.  It was a great trip, but I think my best trip was a weekend in New York City.  Josh and I went with my parents for my 25th birthday and had an absolute BLAST with so many good memories/stories to tell.  My dad will probably kill me for putting this out (but, hey, it's my life history right), but my favorite story of the weekend involves my dad showing up at our hotel door in his boxer shorts!!!  Let me set the scene: we're in a swanky, swanky hotel in SoHo (the Gaansvenort).  Mom, Dad, Josh, and I have been out for the night...and Josh has introduced my dad to Jager shots.  I don't even really know how many dad had (or us for that matter), but we part ways at the end of the night.  At some point, Dad supposedly wakes up to go to the bathroom and instead of opening the bathroom door, he opens the door to the room.  Well, you know how those lock behind you once you exit?!?  So, he's stuck in the hallway in his boxers.  He knocks on my mom's door a few times, but she's not budging, so he knocks on our door.  I didn't budge either (Josh and my dad had to tell us this story the next morning), but Josh answers and tells my dad he will call the front desk.  Well, I guess the hotel has cameras and as Josh goes to call, the security guards come down the hall to confront my dad.  I guess they asked him for id (which he obviously didn't have on him!), but I think after that, they settled down and just let him in his room.  Seriously, that story has gone down as legend at this point!
Where would your dream vacation be?
I have so many places I want to go and see: some just for their beauty, some for their sites, and some for both.  Some are relatively close, or at least part of the United States, while some are definitely more international.  Honestly, I want to do them all, and don't really rank any as more desirable than others if that makes sense.  But if I think of dream as more exotic or whatever, I'd say my dream vacation may be Greece...or Australia/Fiji/New Zealand.
How do you like to travel?
Here's the thing: I actually hate to travel!  I've gotten worse as I've gotten older and just don't have the patience or nerves (I'm a bit of a nervous traveler, especially flyer, who frequently thinks of all that can go wrong) for any kind of travel.  At the end of the day, though, I guess I'd vote for airplane cause it gets you there the fastest!

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