August 21, 2013

Coco Cay

When I left you last, it was with the promise/threat (depending on how you view it!) that I would be back to share more pics and highlights from our Eastern Caribbean cruise last week. In hopes of avoiding another mega post like yesterday's, I felt like it made the most sense to give each of our land days its own post.
On Day 2 of our trip, we were docked at Coco Cay in the Bahamas.  Well, actually we were docked off the shores of Coco Cay and you had to take a ferry boat from our ship to the island.  Of course, that meant we had to take some pictures on the ferry boat.

Coco Cay is a private island purchased and developed by Royal Caribbean (the cruise line we were on).  They've set up all kinds of things on the island for you to do/spend your money on.  But basically, it's a beach...a beach with really white sand and gorgeous blue waters to swim in.  We attempted snorkeling, but Colton totally freaked out when the vest inflated on him (I don't blame was pretty scary the way it blew up all of a sudden), so that was about it for that adventure.  So we spent the day playing in the sand, relaxing, swimming, and floating.

such a classic Levi expression

it's like "Where's Waldo?"...if you look hard enough, Josh, my sister, and Levi are out there!
yes, that's my mom and yes, she's ridiculously tan
One thing we did spend our money on (or more accurately my dad spent his money on) was a private cabana.  Going to the beach isn't really Josh's thing, but even he conceded that he could spend an indefinite amount of time at the beach if we always had one of these cabanas.  It had a couch and two lounge chairs in it as well as four more lounge chairs out front.  Plus, it came with a bottle of champagne (woo hoo), a fruit tray, a steak and shrimp lunch, and a private bar/waiter for whatever else you may need...oh and pretty cool ice buckets that it turns out make pretty cool hats, at least according to the boys .  So yeah, it was a pretty nice way to spend the day at the beach.

Josh and I took the ferry back with the boys around 2 hoping we could make it back in time to get in a nap.  But, of course, they fell asleep on the ferry instead and then wouldn't go back to sleep once we got in the room.  Fail on the nap, but success on the rest of the day (especially since the boys spent a few hours in babysitting that night, thus allowing Josh and I to join the adult world and check out the casino and a couple bars)!
Tomorrow we will be in the Virgin Islands, so check back!

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