July 15, 2013


How do you like that new addition to our front porch?
Personally, I'm quite happy with it!  I feel like it's fun, but still classy...ya know, like me!
There's really no great DIY story here.  I attempted to DIY it.  I printed out "hello" in one of my favorite fonts, traced it on to a piece of wood we had laying around, and then borrowed a friend's jigsaw and had Josh attempt to cut it.  But, it broke (the wood, not the jigsaw).
So, then I just ordered an unfinished version I found on Etsy.  There were also painted ones, but I really couldn't decided what color I wanted to go with.  Plus, the unfinished version was only about $20 with shipping and I figured I could paint it once it got here...which I did.  I spray painted a couple coats of black on there and hung the baby up (with heavy duty tabs because I was too impatient to wait for Josh to drill holes into the brick...and so far it seems to be working).
And now we have a lovely welcome each time we get home.  Hello!

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