July 12, 2013

Our Favorite Game

School ended about five weeks ago.  Since that time, I have had both boys home with me all day, every day.  That's a lot of brotherly bonding time!  We've run errands, we've done field trips, and we've played a lot!  But with 24 hours to kill in a day, we've also had a lot of down time around the house.  And as much as I love me a good game of Candyland (something we have played in abundance since Colton has decided it is his favorite!), I have also developed my own little favorite game.
Here's how it works.  By some miracle of G-d, both children are playing independently.  I seize the moment and leave the room (because I know if I stay in the room, the window of opportunity before either of my momma's boys needs me is probably less than a minute).  Sometimes I attempt to get stuff done, and sometimes I just come sit on the couch in peace and sneak in a game of Candy Crush.  Either way, I steal a quick glance at the clock and mentally start the timer.  How long will it be until the first shriek of distress?  Our personal record, as in longest, so far is about four minutes!
I guess we need to keep working on it, right?  Seriously, though, I feel like just like anything else if I want my boys to get good at playing independently and even with each other, I need to give them opportunities to do so!  So I plan to keep at it!

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