June 21, 2013

This is Me...

So I started the "This is Me" challenge quite awhile ago now.  Honestly, I'm kind of over it, but at this point, I'm almost done, so I can't give up now, right?!?  Plus, I only have a few more chapters left at this point, so today I'm going to attempt to conquer a couple of them.
Health is first.
How is your overall health?
Knock on wood, cross my fingers, etc...answering this kind of stuff always makes me feel like I'm jinxing myself, BUT my overall health is pretty darn good!!!  I've never had any major health issues and get sick very rarely (like once every few years).  I don't eat the best, but I don't eat horribly.  And I work out five times a week.  So I think I'm doing pretty good!  I do tend to slightly have high blood pressure, but the doctors have all seemed to agree that it is more a result of "white coat syndrome" and not an actual blood pressure issue.  Seriously, y'all I get absolutely panicked at walking in to a doctor's office...I think because I've never really had anything!
Have you had any surgeries?
Just my two C-sections---March 26, 2010 and January 4, 2012.
Have you had any broken bones?
I broke my wrist the summer before my first grade year.  I was on the monkey bars in our backyard and fell off, hitting it on the plastic swing underneath on my way down.
I also broke my pinky toe in elementary school by doing a cartwheel into a tape player (back in the days when people still used tape players!).
On a side note, I also broke my brother's collar bone by pushing him in to a couch.  Impressive, eh?
Do you have allergies?
I am allergic to cats.  And I also have seasonal allergies, but I think pretty much everyone has those!
What are you doing to keep healthy now?
I think I pretty much already answered that, but just the basics.  I try to eat relatively healthy.  I will never be a crazy health nut person.  Shoot, I don't even like most fruits and vegetables, but I try to keep my eating in moderation and make healthy choices.  I am very diligent about working out, so hopefully that helps.
And since that was pretty quick and easy, I'll also tackle Around the World today!
What major events have happened in your lifetime?
Oh wow!  Let's see what I can remember.  Obviously the most significant was September 11th, but there was also (is it bad I had to google because I couldn't really remember) the Challenger explosion, Exxon Valdez oil spill, OJ Simpson trial, Oklahoma City trial, Clinton/Lewinsky drama, Columbine, Princess Diana death, Israeli/Palestininian ongoing fighting,  Iraqi war/Sadaam Hussein capture/hanging, Virginia Tech shootings,  Bin Laden capture, Newtown Elementary School shootings.
Has it affected who you are now?
I tend to get very wrapped up in and moved by news stories, especially American ones, but I don't know if any of them actually affected who I am today.
Who was the President when you were born?  Who is it now?
Ronald Reagan was President when I was born.  And now...Barack Obama.
What natural disasters have you been in?
Living in Virginia Beach, we tend to get the remnants of a lot of hurricanes.  We have never actually had a direct threat (interesting fact side note: the Edgar Cayce spiritual center is actually located here on 67th street and the story is that they specifically chose Virginia Beach for the location because it was so safe from hurricanes?).  There have been a few, though, that have been more of a big deal: Gloria in 1985 (or so), Bonnie in 1998, and Isabel in 2003 (although I was living in Charlottesville for that one, which got effects but not nearly to the level that Virginia Beach did!).  I also have been in the one Virginia earthquake a couple summers ago!

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