June 24, 2013

Summer Is...

Camp started last week.  Actually, camp started for most of Colton's friends, but not for him!  I held off on enrolling him (and Levi...who will officially be a camper this summer as well...SCARY!) for the first few weeks.  A lot of my mommy friends thought I had lost my marbles, but honestly, I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with my boys.  To me, summer is such a fun, special time and instead of rushing my boys off to scheduled time away, I really wanted to take the time to enjoy it and make some memories with them.
Due to a nasty sinus infection/cold (seriously y'all I rarely complain about being sick, but this thing was  ***nasty***), our first week together was a bit rough, but since then we've really hit our stride and had the fun that I envisioned.  See to me, summer isn't schedules, backpacks, and structure; summer is...
***Lots and lots of pool time***

***Beach fun***
***Water slides***

**Pudding painting (one of our all-time favorite summer/messy activities):

***Shaving cream slides***

***Ice cream cones***

Oh, and Kenny Chesney (for mom and dad anyway!)

And the fun has just begun!  So blessed to have such wonderful boys to make summer memories with

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