June 12, 2013

Summer Decor

Continuing on with our summer theme for this week, I figured now was a good time to show you the bit of summer sprucing up I've been up to around here.  As usual, our mantle got the majority of the treatment.

Seashells, pinwheels, and summer lanterns...oh my! Feels summery, right?

I also did a little bit of switching up with our front entrance.  A few weeks ago I took out the spring tulips (which had kicked the bucket awhile ago) and put in some impatiens.

And then with a bunch of burlap I had left over from another project, I whipped up a burlap bubble wreath (tutorial to come tomorrow)for the front door.
Plus, Josh finally got around to hanging the new house numbers I had bought a few months back.  While they have nothing to do with "summer," they really complete our front porch transformation.
So that's what summer looks like around here...that and all the baby pools and sprinklers hanging out in the backyard!  How about you guys?  Anybody else been doing some summer sprucing?

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