June 11, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

Even though summer doesn't officially start for another couple of weeks, now that school is out, summer has officially started for us.  And with that, it is time to say bye bye to our spring bucket list (which we only had two things left on!) and say hello to our summer version.
We started our bucket lists last summer.  In case you've missed my spiel before, basically I try to come up with 24ish activities that are quintessential summer.  I don't include the things we are obviously going to do like go to the beach/pool, eat at Skinny Dip (our yogurt place).  In looking back on last year's list, I've kept a lot of the same things because the kids loved them and still will!  But I also ditched quite a few as well and replaced them with things that are better suited for this year.  I make a little card for each activity, put it on a magnet board in our kitchen (which is really just a painted cookie sheet), and we take each one down as we complete it.
So without further ado, our summer bucket list, the 2013 version.

If you can't read all that, here's an easier to read version:
*Busch Gardens *Ocean Breeze *eat an ice cream cone *root beer floats *watch fireworks
*go on a boat ride *baseball game *car wash *Botanical Gardens *bouncing bubbles
*tie dye shirts *pudding paint *backyard water pad *Williams Rec Center *putt putt
*aquarium *zoo *concert *Waterside fountains *make ice cream *shaving cream slide
*water fight *dinner on the beach *see Monsters University

I can't wait to get started!  I love, love, love summer, and want my kids to feel that it's a magical time just like I grew up doing!

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