May 24, 2013

This is Me: Food

Even though I haven't been very diligent about it, I'm still trying to knock out my self-imposed This is Me Challenge.  I figured since it had been awhile I should get on it and tackle yet another chapter.  After all, we all know food is near and dear to my heart, so this should be fun....right?
What are your favorite foods?
Put simply: nothing healthy...and lots of carbs. I love sweets, cheeses, breads, pasta...super, huh?!?  Nachos and Mexican food in general also top my list.
What are your favorite desserts?
Um, pretty much all.  Seriously, I have over 100 in my recipe box as ones I have personally tried and loved.  It's a little embarrassing.  But let's try to narrow this down some.
Ice cream, particularly chocolate peanut butter, is definitely my go to for something to have at home.  I'm also a sucker for warm chocolate chip cookie kind of things.  Other desserts that really entice me: pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter anything, key lime pie, eclair cake...the list could probably go on and on.
Do you like to cook or bake? What are your favorites to make?
I love, love, love to cook and bake. I make dinner for our little family about 4 nights a week and honestly enjoy doing it.  Some of my favorite dinners: chicken fajitas, asparagus carbonarra, honey pecan pork chops.
I try to limit my baking because I end up eating too much bad-for-me stuff when I do it!  I really love trying out new recipes, though, so I eventually bite the bullet and then try to convince Josh to bring my goodies to the office!  For the most part, I tend to love everything I bake (!) and then log them away for when they fit an event in the future.
Do you have any food allergies?
What are some foods you have a hard time saying "no" to?
In case it hasn't already been well established, my major weakness is sweets.  If they're around, I"m more than likely going to attack them.  I'm also a big dip person.  And I'm a sucker for some bread and butter.
Which foods do you HAVE to name brand?  Which can you go generic?
I tend to buy name brand for just about everything.  Honestly, I've never really realized that until this question.  Funny thing is I don't HAVE to buy any of them name brand (I don't think); I just do it!  So, mental note moving forward maybe search out some of those generics.
Do you try to eat healthy?
Yes.  I actually try very hard to eat healthy, and considering what I've already disclosed, you can probably pick up on the fact that eating healthy is really a struggle for me.  I would say Monday-Friday I do an awesome job at it, and I do a mediocre job of it Saturday-Sunday!
Do you prefer eating out?  Where?
I grew up eating out frequently (like my parents don't eat a single meal at home...ever!), so eating out is definitely something I am very much accustomed to.  Unlike my parents, though, I also enjoy eating at home. Usually we eat at home Monday-Thursday, and eat out Friday-Sunday.  I'm not a big fan of fast food or national chains, so most of the places we go are local.  Some favorites in our rotation (as in non special occason places) include: Wild Wing Cafe, Chicks Oyster Bar, Lubo, Manninos, Zia Marie, Luna Maya,  and Bakers Crust.  I do do some chains: California Pizza Kitchen, PF Changs, Yard House, Gordon Biersch, and Chipotle.

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