May 23, 2013

Play Date: My Version

One of the things I am most grateful for is the fact that I have met some fantastic friends in the past year or so.  Even better, these friends happen to have kiddos (mostly boys) that are my boys ages.  After spending my first several months as a SAHM without any other SAHM friends, it is so nice to have a group that both the boys and me can be social with!
 We typically get together with our friends about once a week...either out at some attraction or at someone's house.  And after months and months of being guests at other people's homes, I finally bit the bullet and invited everyone over to our abode for our first official play date.
I love these friends for a few reasons.  They're fun.  They're laid back.  Everyone holds their own kid accountable.  But possibly best of all is that they are all fantastic hosts.  Seriously, they have spoiled us rotten over the months.  And we all know I love entertaining!  So, I took this as an opportunity to whip up some yummies for both the kids and parents.

We started around 10, so I started by having out some breakfast treats and general snacks: cream cheese crescent rolls, donut muffins, goldfish, raisins, and granola bars.  Of course, there was also some coffee out for the ladies.  I forgot to take pictures when we transitioned to lunch, but I did pizza muffins, fruit salad (mainly for the kids but adults too), avocado egg salad, and ramen noodle chicken salad.  Obviously, this probably sounds like overkill to many who do more potluck type play dates, but I'm telling you, we've been spoiled big time...I had to repay!
I had selfish motivations for waiting this long to host.  Our house is great and all, but the real star of this place is our least from a kid's perspective.  We got out all the yard toys and ride-ons and let the kids loose in the backyard.  Plus, of course, there was the play set and sand box.

It was pretty muggy outside, so after awhile we headed in for some lunch and playroom time.

And we finished off the day by heading back outside (with who was left) for some fun in the blow-up pools.

When everyone cleared out, we cleaned up and my boys passed out!  Perfect day!

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