May 28, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

This Memorial Day will forever go down in family history as the Memorial Day weekend we didn't once make it to the beach.  I get that in other places that may not be a big deal.  Around here, though, that is pretty much blasphemy.  However, with temperatures barely in the 60s on Saturday and only slowly warming the rest of the weekend, the beach just wasn't really the ideal choice.  Have no fear, though, we managed to entertain ourselves with plenty of otherwise appropriate fun!
On Saturday, we were supposed to do a beach party at my parent's neighbors house.  With it being so cold, though, the party was moved up to their deck, driveway, and block.  Obviously, I managed to take very few pictures of the actual fun, but instead snapped a lot of my boys in action.

We grabbed some dinner with friends afterwards (which ended up taking a couple hours, which meant there was lots of crankiness going on) and called it a night.  The next day we had some friends and family over for a cookout.  My aim was to keep it low-key (quite the challenge most of the time), but I think I did it.  Again, not many pictures of anyone but my cuties...oh and the ketchup/mustard/mayo containers I scored in the Target dollar bin and am currently obsessed with!

And Monday we hit the ball park for a Norfolk Tides game.  Honestly, the weather that day was finally nice enough for the beach, but Josh is not exactly a beach fan, and I figured I'd sacrifice for long as we got to be outside.  The boys seemed to enjoy it, though, particularly all that ball park food!  

Leaving the game, it dawned on me that we had actually arrived at summer!  SUMMER!  My absolute favorite time of year.  Bring on the beach, the pools, the dinners outside, the ice cream...aaahhh!

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