April 15, 2013


We've done it guys...we have survived!  Or at least it feels that way.  After months and months of oppressive winter conditions, the weather has finally turned and brought spring, or maybe more accurately, summer with it!  And I, for one, am positively giddy about it.  Honestly, I can't get enough!  I feel like I'm trying to cram every single wonderful summer experience in (and if you're paying close attention to the pictures/boys' outfits, you'll notice many of these pictures were taken on the same day)...
We've played bubbles (and lots of other outside games!).
We've dined al fresco...a few times...one night on our back deck!
We got some ice cream.
We've taken advantage of the new tv on the back patio.
We went to the park.

And got some Rita's.
We played in the sprinklers (and tried out Colton's new roller coaster...his birthday gift from his very generous friends!).

We even had a beach play date!

And had some popsicles.
I have to keep pinching myself to remember that this is just the beginning of what is sure to be a few months of bliss.  Temperatures have already fallen back to more moderate spring-like temps (which is actually kind of nice), but I'm sincerely hoping the bitter cold that is winter is gone...because this makes for a much happier me!  Anyone else?

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