March 18, 2013

Going Green

Obviously you all know St. Patrick's Day was this weekend.  Ever since we have had children, our St. Patty's Day celebrating has been pretty nonexistent.  But this year, I was determined to add a bit of Irish festiveness.  Enter the Ocean View Parade.  I have lived in Virginia Beach my whole life and have never ventured down to Ocean View (a slightly sketchy neighborhood in Norfolk) for anything.  The parade is a pretty big deal around here, though, and since friends invited us to go along and cookout at their house afterwards, we made our inaugural trip!  The boys put on their best green outfits, we loaded up the stroller,and the weather actually held off just in time for the boys to collect lots of beads, way too many lollipops, and for all of us to have pretty fun morning...

We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family members to celebrate these days with...even if we aren't Irish in any way:)  Hope you all had a fun, maybe even festive, weekend as well!

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