January 31, 2013

Our New Pet

Levi and I were burning some time before we had to get Colton from school last week and swung into TJ Maxx.  There, we spotted a statue that immediately caught my dog lover's eye.  And as he pointed and said "dog," (well really it sounds more like dah...no g just like Colton used to!), I, too, got excited because this little statue looked just like our beloved Chipper.  Obviously, we bought him and took him home.

All my boys were immediate fans of our new pet.
But I had big plans for our new pretend Chipper.  I knew as soon as I saw him that this dog could not remain a blah gray color.  He needed a fresh coat of something.  I debated white but felt like it, too, was a bit boring and expected.  I thought I was going to go with yellow, but we didn't have any on hand!  So, I turned to green.  And here's our friend now...

And in his new home on the tv console:

Personally, I'm digging his new fun vibe.  Josh isn't such a big fan...but then again he's not so out of the box like me!  And the boys seem just as enamored, if not more so, with their new Chipper dog as they did in his previous state.  Good news is he's only a spray paint can away from a new shiny coat!

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  1. When you said green I was thinking grass green. I like this more subtle tone :)


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