January 7, 2013

First Birthday: Round 1

On Friday, January 4th, our Levi turned the big o-n-e!  Birthdays have always been a big deal to me.  I think of them as the one day of the year that is yours...where everyone should go out of their way, in whatever way they can/want, to make you feel special...phone calls, gifts, cake, etc.  Obviously, then, I choose to make my boys' birthdays into the big celebrations I believe they should be.
With Levi's birthday falling on a Friday, we started off the day with his celebratory birthday pancakes.  Josh was already at work, but Colton and I sung him "Happy Birthday" and then the boys dug in.

btw Colton seems to think that Levi is supposed to get little pieces, but because he's a "big boy," he should get big pieces...shortly after this, he relented and let me cut his pancake for him

While Colton was at school (*thank goodness he finally went back!), Levi's Nene came over to do some visiting.  Naturally, she brought him a cake pop to snack on.  Our boy doesn't shy away from any food, but like his mommy, he particularly loves a sweet treat.
When Josh got home, he and Colton delivered Levi's birthday gift to him (a sit-to-stand scooter in case you're curious...and yes, we restrained and kept it at just one gift because we already have a ridiculous amount of toys and things in this house + let's face it...he's only one and has no idea what's going on!)

At night, we had invited all of our immediate family members to join us for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, so that Levi could get a chance to celebrate with both sets of his grandparents and all of his aunts, uncles, and cousins (even the one who is currently 4 days past her due date and has yet to join us!).  

And after dinner, when our poor little guy was pretty darn exhausted, we brought out his birthday cupcakes to finish off the celebration.

And then it was time to head home for the night.  Levi proudly walked out of the restaurant (seriously, that's his new favorite hobby...he LOVES walking in and out of places...I guess he things it makes him a big boy!), and we hugged/kissed everyone good bye.
Although Levi's technical birthday is now in the books, those of you who read here often enough have probably already figured that there is also a big birthday party celebration planned.  We saved that for next Saturday, though, because 1. we're hoping my new niece will be here (or at least that her arrival will not interfere with the party...that sounds awful, but really if my sister-in-law is in labor, we will likely have to postpone the party because many of the key people in Levi's life will be at the hospital for her birth!) and 2. to give a little time after the busy holiday season.  So, cross your fingers for baby Riley's arrival this week, and check back next week for some fun details and pictures from Levi's Winter OneDerland!

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