January 8, 2013

A Sign from Above

I'm a big believer in signs.  Or at least subtle hints from the universe that I am making the right or wrong decisions.  And last week I feel like I got a big one.  On Wednesday, I mentioned that one of my  goals for 2013 was to remedy some of the lighting issues in our house.  The main area of concern being our dining room.
See that fan?  That thing has always driven me crazy.  Because clearly a fan does not belong in a dining room.  There should be a chandelier there, right?
When we bought this house, we weren't quite sure how long we would live here.  But then again, we also didn't think we'd have 2 children 3 years into it!  As our family has quickly expanded, we have begun talking about the fact that is most likely not our "forever home."  We have no immediate plans to move, but we've both tentatively agreed that we'll probably be elsewhere by the time Colton starts Kindergarten in a couple years.
That little tangent is simply to point out that when looking for chandeliers, I'm not necessarily going to be putting my dream fixture into this place only to leave it in a couple of years.  I'm looking for something I like obviously, but also something that fits snugly into my small budget...ideally $100 or less.
And that is where that sign came in.  Because just as I had intensified my search...with Christmas money burning a hole in my wallet...the megacouple that is Young House Love announced they had designed a lighting collection for Shades of Light...all for under $100!!!  Most of the options are probably too small for our dining room space (although I did scope out some options for other areas of our house...), but I'm kind of into this as an option (especially its $89 price tag).
                            Young House Love Large Wire Globe Lantern - 7 Colors!
Better yet we actually have a Shades of Light store here in Va. Beach, so I'm thinking I can see it in person before officially deciding.  That's an errand that will have to wait until next week, though, because we're currently up to our eyeballs in getting ready for someone's Winter Onederland.  So, in the meantime, what do you all think?

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  1. I really like it. My only concern is that it doesn't look like it would create enough light (at least for a dining room like mine.) Just a thought. I guess you won't know until you see one on display. I love the design of it, and love the price even more.


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