November 30, 2012

This is Me: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I started a little challenge that basically involves documenting every detail of my life...past and present.  There are about 15 different sections, so I have decided to tackle one at a time.  Today's will be Growing Up, the Early Years
Where did you grow up? Describe it.
I have lived in Virginia Beach my whole life (well, except the years I was in college) but did live in a few different houses/areas over the time.  I was born in a town house (well, I was born in the hospital obviously but we lived in a town house) that's actually only a few minutes from where I currently live.  I don't remember much about it besides the fact that there was a Baskin Robbins across the street that my dad used to take us to!  When I was about 3 or 4, we built a house in a neighborhood closer to the beach.  It was a new development and there weren't many houses around us.  We got robbed there...they stole our VCR and my favorite tape at the time...and moved shortly thereafter.  Other than the robbery, the only thing I remember about that house is that it was near the "world's slowest McDonalds" as named by my dad (I'm a little embarrassed, but not at all surprised, that my memories involve food).  When I was in Kindergarten we moved to the house that I would grow up in.  It was in the Great Neck section of the city in a very family-friendly neighborhood.
What was your earliest memory?
Ya know, I was asked this question once in a college class, and I could not, for the life of me, recall an early memory.  And even now, I still can't do so.  I have memories of things we did frequently...go to my Grandma's cabana/pool/beach, go to Baskin Robbins (as mentioned above!), play with my parents or siblings, but I can't remember one specific event as my earliest memory.  Sad, huh?!?
What games did you play as a child?
As the oldest, I would orchestrate a lot of imaginative play scenarios...where I was, of course, in charge.  We played school, house, houseboat (a creative spin on the couch!).  We also did a lot of sports type games.  I remember kickball being a big one in the neighborhood.
Where did you go to school?
I went to private school for Kindergarten (Cape Henry Collegiate) because we were in the process of moving and my parents didn't want me to have to switch schools mid-year.  From first grade on, though, I went to Trantwood Elementary.  Most of my friends came from my school with a lot of them living in my neighborhood, although I did have a couple of friends left over from my preschool play group.  I remember Jodi (I'm not going to use last names because some people may not appreciate that!) as one of those, and I recall sleep overs, tuna melts (seriously...the food!), and shopping trips with her and her mom.  My first best friend that I can remember "choosing" was a girl named Brooke.  We were best friends from 2nd grade-4th grade (I think).  If I remember correctly, she was pretty cool and therefore I was pretty cool because we were friends.  Beyond 4th grade, we remained friends, but not nearly as close, and looking back on it, I'm pretty sure I was replaced with someone who was cooler!  That's OK...she snored anyway (or maybe it was her twin sister), so I always hated sleeping over at her house!  I met my friend Claire in 4th grade too.  We weren't particularly good friends then (although I do remember spending the night at her house once), but became better friends in high school, and remain close (as in bridesmaids in each other's weddings close) to this day!
Claire's little boy, Waid (5 days younger than Levi) visiting from California
Who were your favorite teachers and why?
I really liked school, so I pretty much liked all my teachers, especially then.  My first grade teacher, Mrs. Dingle, was a favorite.  I don't remember much about her personality-wise, but I do remember a lot of the fun things we publishing books with wallpaper sample covers, a Halloween play (where I was the starring role!), making chocolate-peanut butter easter eggs (again with the food).  I also really liked my third grade teacher Mrs. Wood.  I remember her as being funny.  And I have a very vivid memory of her foot falling through the floor of our portable floor...on Friday the she was wearing red!
What were your chores?
It may not have been until high school, but we had a rotation where weekly we each had to clean the bathrooms, dust the living room/kitchen/dining room/play room, or dust the bedrooms.  None of us did as good of a job as my mom wanted, though (she's the type that cleans before the cleaning lady gets there), so it didn't last long.  I had to make my bed each day if that counts as a chore.

And I guess that concludes that chapter.  Kind of fun, huh?!?  To me, at least...
Happy Friday and weekend all:)  Any fun plans out there:)

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