November 29, 2012

Not a Teen Mom, But...

So the girls of Teen Mom oftentimes stress how their mission is to show teens the nitty gritty of parenthood...those less than glamorous an attempt to deter young girls from becoming parents before they're ready.  Although I realize it is up for debate, I happen to agree that the show does a good job in that regard.  But here's the thing, y'all...parenthood is crazy hard...even when you're 31, financially stable, and in a strong, committed relationship.
Ready to keep it real for a minute?  Cause here's the deal...while I oftentimes share with you posts that rejoice in my children's latest triumphs, cute moments, funny stories, etc., I feel like I've done a bit of an injustice.  I love my children...I really, really love my children.  But guess what?!?  They're freaking exhausting.
At 2 1/2, Colton has a major wild streak.  When he gets himself going, he quickly reaches the wound up level...often accompanied by some form of abuse to his brother.  Getting him to mellow out is no easy task.  And Levi is my shadow.  If he's not by my side, he's begging to be.
And here's the thing with two children.  When it was just Colton, I could usually count on a few minutes of peace throughout the day when he was independently playing or watching tv or something...those little gems of time when I could regroup or whatever.  But with both of them, I can guarantee you that their quiet moments never, ever coincide.  And if I think that they just may and try to sneak a glance at Facebook, it is only a matter of seconds before I hear crying (from Levi) or laughter (from Colton...and not the good laughter, the laughter that accompanies tackling your brother or something similar).
Our house is loud.  And chaotic.  And busy...very, very busy.  And at some point each and every day, I find myself thinking just how exhausted I am.  Wishing that I could just  sit down for a peace and quiet.  Realizing that  my back hurts...constantly (such an old lady problem, huh!?!).
But I can't sit down.  And there is no peace and quiet.  Because with two children, someone always needs something...juice, a hug, play time, a boo boo kissed.  And so I count down the minutes until nap time...and again until bed relish in the fact that I can sit on the couch, not move, and do what I want to do.
I realize I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to raise two young kids (and I know a lot of people even have more!). And I also realize that I will one day probably look back with yearning for these days.  And I certainly realize that I am beyond blessed to have these two adorable faces in my life

But Mama can dream of a day off every now and then, right?

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