November 28, 2012

No Ho Ho Yet

Sometime before Veteran's Day, the boys and I were walking through the mall on the day that Santa happened to arrive.  Talking to no one in particular, I commented that it was way too early for Santa.  Ears always perked it seems, Colton countered back with his current favorite word..."why?"  So I explained to him that we had to get through Thanksgiving first (in my humble opinion) before we could even begin thinking about Christmas.  "What?" (another current favorite) was his answer.  I, then, explained to him that we had to go eat dinner at Nene and Papa's house before we would talk about Santa.  That seemed to satisfy him.
And from that day forward, every time we saw/heard/hinted at anything Christmas, Colton would pointedly look at me and say "no ho ho yet mama, eat first" while shaking his head.
But now that Thanksgiving has passed, he has had to abandon his battle cry.  It is, in fact, the holiday season...which means we need a holiday bucket list.  On Pinterest, I've seen these experiences lists done as advent calendars, but I really would not be to know which activity to put for each day...and even if we could actually do one a day!  So I decided just to stick with my usual method:
As for the actual list, here's what's on ours:
*gingerbread houses *see the lights *visit Santa *take holiday photo *write a letter to Santa
*carriage ride *breakfast with Santa *pick out Daddy's gift *watch Christmas movie
*make reindeer food *ice skating *Christmastown *train show *Winter Wonderland 
*donate toys *Hanukkah craft *play dreidel *make ornaments *eat latkes *get a tree *decorate tree
*make cookies *drink hot chocolate

Just like in the past, I fully doubt we will actually do everything but I wanted to give us lots of ideas!  And I'm already uber-excited to get started, especially because this is our first list that Levi can actually participate if some (and maybe most) of the activities!  
So happy holiday season all!  What's on your to-do lists?

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