November 6, 2012

My Two Cents

The day is FINALLY here!  If you don't live in a battleground state, like I do, then maybe you've been spared a bit of this.  But around here, the political ads and other shenanigans have been relentless.
 I swear people have lost their minds. I am SO over the Facebook rants or even politically-themed status updates.  I seriously have some friends...and family members...that I barely like any more just because of it!

I don't know if it's because of Facebook and the open platform, or if people are just more charged up this time, but the craziness seems to be at epic levels.  After the second debate, I even saw a man standing at the corner of a busy intersection holding a sign that just said "Mitt Romney is a douche bag."  Regardless of whether or not I agreed with the sentiment, I was pretty amazed that this was how this man had chosen to spend his time...especially when I went back through the same intersection 2 hours later and saw he was still there!  I promise...I can't make this stuff up!
Needless to say, I am thrilled that we will finally have a conclusion and we can get back to Target commercials and regular postings about people's children and things.
While I do have an opinion on whom I think will be our country's best leader over the next four years, I believe in keeping it to myself.   
But I do have two opinions I'm comfortable sharing:
1.  I'm voting even if that means waiting in a crazy-long line with a toddler and an almost toddler.  I'm prepared to take on the stress because I think it's my responsibility to do so.  So, I hope you have plans to vote today too.
2.  I sincerely hope that whoever wins people...politicians and laypeople alike...can stop complaining about who is in charge and what they are NOT doing, and instead get behind that person and support the efforts.  I am so over the animosity...

So there's my two cents.  

On a side note (and maybe even more importantly), today also happens to be my sister's birthday.  My sister is one of my best friends and probably the best aunt in the history of a huge happy birthday to her!

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