November 7, 2012


This past weekend, my cousin, her husband, and her adorable baby girl came all the way from warm Florida to pay us a visit here in cold Virginia (and crazily enough they were excited to experience the temperatures!).  Her little girl, Alivia, is just five days younger than Levi.  Considering we've both been pretty busy for the past 10 months or so, this was the first time the kids were able to meet...or that I was even able to meet Miss Alivia myself, so we were pretty excited for their visit!
I don't know about you all but when family comes to town, our days tend to be jam-packed.  Family is really important to me, so we try to take advantage of every opportunity to see each other while we're actually in the same zip code. It can be exhausting...
 But the good news is I really like my cousin (and her husband), so hanging out with them nonstop for a weekend is actually a treat rather than a chore.  And watching our children get to know each other was just the icing on top.
On Saturday, we did manage to get in a trip to the Children's Museum.  While the babies were a bit too young to really enjoy the experience, Colton (and Josh and my cousin's husband, for that matter) had a blast.

I'm telling you, Josh and my cousin's husband had as much fun as the kids

And after dinner Saturday night, we had everyone back to our house for s'mores.  I had come up with idea earlier in the week, and was very proud of myself for restricting the evening to just plain ole graham crackers, marshmallows, and s'mores bar, no decorating, just simple.  I also realized we had no fire pit, but figured we could just use the grill to make them instead...WRONG!  Our s'mores ended up with a nice hint of hamburger/steak flavoring. So, note to self (and husband): I will be going all out next time to avoid another debacle.

But other than those 2 "events," our weekend was pretty much spent hanging out, chatting, eating...and watching the kids play together.
I mean, really, how cute are they?!?

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