November 5, 2012

Levi Shane: 10 Months (seriously?!?)

As hard as it is for me to believe, Levi turned 10 months old yesterday.  I honestly went back to count the months because I just can't quite fathom the fact that my little baby is so close to being a toddler!
As Levi gets older, we continue to get more and more glimpses into his budding personality...and this boy has a big one!  He plays big, and he loves big!  He is a constant mess (probably my fault to an extent!), and we have a feeling he is going to be the more outgoing, renegade of our two boys.  
Developmentally, not too much has happened in the last month, although Levi is getting better and better at his furniture cruising and climbing.  He has learned to climb up on to our fireplace (a feat I remember terrified me when Colton first did it!), and has also figured out how to get down steps (he had learned the up part long ago, but now that he can safely get himself down, I am much more relaxed...not that we would leave him to do it unsupervised or anything yet!).  He has also begun to cautiously attempt to take a step without support...he has yet to do it, but you can almost see his little brain contemplating it!
Over the month, Levi has also gained an affinity for other people, at himself in the mirror, to no one in particular...he loves it!  And he has also gained one of his cutest tricks...holding the phone (or anything else for that matter!) to his hear while saying something that sounds like "hello!"  I make him do it all the time!
Levi continues to be absolutely enamored with Colton.  And now that his personality is coming out a bit more, he is starting to go after Colton a bit more instead of waiting for Colton to come to him.  
Levi is typically an easy-going baby, but he loves to be with his mommy and sometimes we'll see that temper flair when that's just not possible!  But luckily, I happen to like being with him too, so all is usually well!

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