November 21, 2012


 When I look at my life and the people, things, and circumstances surrounding it, I can't help but feel blessed...or lucky...or something!  While I may not be a very religious person, I do believe in karma and things of that nature and sincerely believe that I could and should appreciate all that I have because if I don't, it will be given to someone who will!
So I do appreciate...the big and the little...daily.  But when Thanksgiving comes around each year, I feel like its my chance to really look at my life with even more scrutiny in an attempt to find blessings where I may have missed them before and appreciate some of the smaller things that I may not see routinely. As such, each year that I have blogged I have challenged myself to do a gratitude post...the first year it was my ABC's and last year it was something daily.  This year, I saw this photo challenge on Pinterest and decided it would be a fun approach.
To be honest, I didn't really take a photo a day, though.  Instead, I looked at the themes and took a photo that properly captured each one (and in some cases even used ones I already had).  As I have done in the past, I also tried to not necessarily use the really obvious things (like the boys or Josh) although they definitely are represented in the list.  So now that the lengthy intro is out of the way, let's get to my 2012 list of appreciation, shall we?!?
1.  Favorite food
my nightly's technically a frozen yogurt base, so i'm going with "it's healthy"

2.  Smile
So his smile is a bit ridiculous, but I love the fact that he now understands all these things and even has real conversations and all.  Colton is a funny little boy, and I am so thankful to be his mommy

3.  Happiness
I thought having one baby was amazing.  But now that I have two, my heart truly feels full. The best part is watching them interact and learn to be brothers and friends.
4.  Leaves
confession: those are actually our neighbor's nice bagged leaves...our yard currently looks like one big leaf there are so many down there, so while i originally was going to share a picture of the boys playing in them or something to comment on how thankful i was to enjoy the fall weather with my sons, I now will only be thankful for leaves again when we find a nice, reliable yard company to come take care of them for me
5.  Morning Sky
we've had clouds for forever (or so it seems), so there was no pretty morning shot to be had! Instead we'll go for cute baby greeting the day 

6.  Books
Colton's books, actually....he loves them and I love reading to him before nap time and bed time (although josh takes the night time duty half the time)...such a special part of being a parent is cuddling with him in bed and reading
*we read to Levi as well, but he still seems to think the books are just for playing the drums on, so it's usually not as peaceful of a time!

7.  Something funny
Colton built a "choo choo track" out of pads to entertain himself at his Gigi's house...not only funny, but clearly my child is some kind of genius!
8,  Favorite Color
i was never really a pink person until recently and now i can't get enough of it. i blame it on the fact that i share my house with 4 boys

9.  Inspiring person
an added bonus to being a SAHM is that i sometimes get to watch some daytime television, and "ellen" has quickly become my favorite.  not only is she funny, but she really has some amazing people on as guests.  i oftentimes find myself just smiling at the tv (something i don't generally do) because of their stories and ellen's resulting generosity. 

10.  Nature

11. Something old
our house was built in 1962 but has been completely updated since.  this stove remains, though,  and although we have never and probably never will use it, i like the character it adds to our house

12.  Hands
ok this was taken awhile ago, but i actually managed to capture them holding hands while riding in their stroller, so i have to use it! i melt.
13.  Written words
no dad, i am the lucky one (that's his handwriting even though he signed mom first)

14.  Movement
my gym, and as much as I actually hate exercising, I am grateful to have such a great place to go (and that hour of free babysitting a day!)
15.  Technology
DVR: my happy place each day!
Since this is getting lengthy, I'm going to go ahead and cut it off for today.  I'll be back tomorrow with the second half of my month of thanks.  Until then, happy Turkey Day Eve everyone!

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  1. I love the pic of them holding hands. Sooooo adorable!


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