November 22, 2012

Gratitude Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you are enjoying your day surrounded by loved ones, good food, and quality time!  I wanted to go ahead and finish up my picture challenge I started yesterday with the remainder of things I'm thankful for...
16.  Animals
my sweet Chipper dog (in one of his sweet moments)

17.  Memories
ever since the day colton was born, i have kept a separate blog that recaps his day with a quick paragraph and a photo (and now levi too)...i originally did it for out-of-town family members, but now am so glad i did because i love to go back and read it, compare the boys, and reminisce...i strongly encourage anyone who's embarking on parenthood to take 5 minutes a day to do something seriously is my most cherished possession! 

18. Something New
the best new thing I got all year:)  love this boy's big personality, big hugs, and sweet cuddles

19.  Best Friend
of all the roles josh serves in my life (partner, provider, lover (blush)), his role as my best friend is the one i appreciate most...he is honestly the person i have the most fun with in the whole matter what we're doing...and i am so thankful that even after a few years filled with pregnancies and baby-raising and a couple other obstacles, we have that friendship still going strong

20.  Seasonal
so grateful for holidays like thanksgiving and the opportunities to spend quality time with family...and for the excuse to bake up some goodies (pumpkin cheesecake if you're curious) and eat way too much

21.  Where You Sleep lovely...peeling back the sheets and climbing in is most definitely a highlight of my day!

22. Clothing
sooo grateful that I can once again get dressed for a date night with my husband and not feel like an oompa-loompa when I look in the mirror...and manage to wear some clothes that I haven't been able to for awhile (like those jeans purchased in 2003!)

23. In Your Closet
my absolute favorite purchase of late...they're from payless y'all, but i was thrilled to shell out the 60 (as compared to the 200+ elsewhere) for something i won't wear but so often

24.  Gratitude
i vacationed here this year...with my whole family...and therefore feel like it's the perfect symbol of gratitude...i am so immensely grateful to have my family...obviously i am incredibly grateful just to have been able to go on such a vacation, BUT to do so with people who are beyond supportive and some of my best friends makes me one of the luckiest people alive

25. Artwork
ok the artwork is not that great, BUT i do fully appreciate the fact that since becoming a stay-at-home mom i have time during my day to do creative things...decorate, bake, parties, etc.  it feels good to be able to tap into that part of me

26. Transportation
there she trusty ride that gets the boys and i around town safely each day...we sure do use her a lot!
27. Daily Routine
there are so many parts of my daily routine that i cherish...naptime, dinners as a family, backyard play time with the boys...but i am most appreciate that each night (and weekends) my husband  is there to help with and appreciate the boys with me...i know not everyone is as lucky for various reasons

28. Nighttime
boys in pj's...winding down (kindof) with the tv=sweet relief for mom and dad!

29. Light
Colton's green light that keeps him quietly in his room until 7:15 each morning...counting down the days until we can get levi one as well

30. Self Portrait
wow that's pretty awful...sorry folks...there's a reason i don't post many self portraits

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