October 11, 2012

Marshmallow Pops (aka the Easy Pops)

Yesterday, I showed you the surf party that I worked on last weekend (and for weeks leading up to it!).  As much as I love planning and executing parties, it always surprises me just how tedious the process can be.
So when I got to the marshmallow pop portion of my preparations, I was a bit wary.  Pops of all kinds---cake, cheesecake, brownie, etc---are everywhere at parties these days, and I have tried my hand at pretty much all of them.  Let me tell you...marshmallow pops are just as cute and tasty as their cousins (or would they be sibling?),

but sooooooo (I can't even use enough o's to emphasize this point) much easier.  Wanna make them?  Hold on to your hats...here we go.
Step 1: Collect your supplies: marshmallows, sticks, various sprinkles, and a cup of water. You're also going to want a floral foam block on hand to use for drying the pops.
 Step 2: Lay out sprinkles on various plates (1 type per plate).Assemble your marshmallow pop by carefully inserting a stick into the marshmallow (I used the paper straws but cut them in half).

Step 3:  Dip your marshmallow into the water just enough to get them wet.  Make sure to let excess water drip off.
Step 4: Roll the wet marshmallow into your choice of sprinkles.
Step 5: Stand marshmallow pop upright in floral block (mine was wrapped in paper from another party) for about an hour to allow to dry.

On another note, I originally thought I would have to make the marshmallow pops immediately before the party to prevent them from hardening.  But after a little research, I learned that the sprinkles actually protect the marshmallow from hardening so you can make them in advance...I did, and they were fine!
And with that, I'll leave you with some close up images of my marshmallow pops just to give you further inspiration


  1. Super cute. I'm making somehting similar for tay's birthday. I'm dipping them in chocolate first. I hope they turn out as cute as yours!


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